Thumb_evis_mecolli_wedding_photographerEvis Mecolli

Visi Productions

score: 90
Service: Videography
Location: Novi, MI
Experience: over 12 years

We are a small team who love everything to do with filming and editing and are, in our own words 'perfectionists'.Weddings are more than just laying a music track to a sequence. It's about the spoken words interwoven with the images to create a truly emotive viewing experience that will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly hold lasting memories throughout your lifetime.​Rather than follow the traditional old-school videographer approach of just filming hours and hours of everything that passes in front of us, we prefer to work flat out capturing hundreds of short bursts of beautiful moments. The reactions, the glances, the smiles, the laughter.Always discreet and using a camera no bigger then the photographer’s, we combine a mixture of documentary style natural filming alongside beautifully crafted and sought out cinematic shots. For us, the perfect wedding is one that runs naturally, without anyone ever having to stop what they are doing to be filmed or photographed. We’d much rather feel part of the celebrations and get on with everyone, rather than feeling like an outsider peering in with a big lens..

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